Innovation aims to increase the visibility of our customers through a marketing strategy that combines innovation and entrepreneurship in different fields of knowledge.

We manage, promote and organize projects that your company wants to spread with a target audience as a way to promote a trilogy of concepts:

  • Institutional marketing;
  • Innovation and creativity to generate new ideas within your organization;
  • Raise public awareness in a specific audience through entrepreneurship actions.

The projects developed in Innovation are associated with pull-marketing strategies, raising high levels of interest on the target audience.
In this area, we want to introduce numerous people to innovation and entrepreneurship. We intend to contribute to further disruptive ideas and to incite the public to exploit their potential.


General scope contests

Case studies

Contest for a specific target

Other actions for knowledge and ideas development

Some motivations and benefits inherent in Innovation projects

Institucional Marketing

Increase the network of contacts

Launch challenges related to real problems, case studies or theme

Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship for a target audience

Development of new business models

New ideas and insight for business development

Talent recruitment

Media exposure