Market Engine has the knowledge, independence and the perspective to proactively engage and interact with people to solve its customers’ problems. We undertake market studies that help our clients understand behaviors and trends, thus generating knowledge about the market in which they operate.

Market Research projects may be developed through an-online platform or personal inquiries.

In this field we carry out different types of market studies, depending on the objective for which these intended to:

  • Private market studies;
  • Private market studies with partial or full disclosure of information to the public;
  • Customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Global Market Research.

Private market studies

These are customized studies that are developed for a specific organization, without a public release of information.

These studies serve the sole purpose of creating knowledge about the market, as mean to improve a company’s commercial performance or marketing.

The objectives of this type of study are:

  • Targeting and segmentation;
  • Behavior comprehension;
  • Public receptivity;
  • Understanding of a product’s positioning;
  • Price sensitiveness.

Private market studies with partial or full disclosure of information to the public

Promoted by any organization of company, these studies meant for a public disclosure of information (partially or in totality), having the following goals:

  • Understanding of the market perception about a brand, product or service;
  • To establish a connection between organization and the market in which they operate by sharing information with the community.

Customer satisfaction surveys

The customer market surveys are essentially meant for organizations, so that its possible to recognize their global performance while interacting with its clients.

The data is usually solely used for private purposes.

Global Market Research

Through global market research it is studied topics that have a general interest for society and usually comprehend a strong component of social responsibility.

These projects have a cooperative approach as they are open to different organizations and corporations. These projects are meant to create knowledge and activation by sharing the results of the work that has been carried out in favor of the public interest.

All information is made public.