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A picture is worth a thousand words, said the Chinese philosopher Confucius. In an increasingly technological environment where companies try to find the perfect formula to attract the attention of customers and adapt their strategy to the constant evolutions of digital marketing, the videos have been gaining a special highlight in the way of communication of the companies. Social networks like facebook and instagram have been a strong catalyst for this trend, making videos an essential tool in Marketing strategy. Along with social networks, the use of video on distance training platforms has gained special attention.

And not only … There are many advantages that we can identify:

Direct Content
Most people choose to watch a video instead of reading an article, news or story. Video provides a better understanding of clear content and makes the message more direct.

In a world where we have more information everyday, video has the appropriate dynamism to the routine of consumers. This is the right bet to decrease time and money.

Flexibility is one of the strengths of this new trend, as physical barriers break down. The video has the characteristic of accessibility at any time and place and can easily be viewed again or shared. This is perhaps the competitive advantage of using video on distance learning platforms.

The explanation for this trend is very easy: Videos assume the transmission of a clear and attractive message with an effective information assimilation power.

Mobile Trend

Several studies have shown that the more mobile devices are used, the video trend becomes more and more prevalent. The day-to-day life requires greater use of gadgets to access information.

  • Visual Marketing

If you speak about videos, you also have to speak about Visual Marketing. Visual Marketing basically consists in developing a communication strategy based on images, videos and other infographic content. This constant need for image use is also associated with Digital Marketing.

Today’s use of digital is the best strategy for streaming content as consumers spend more and more time online.

  • Engagement

It is perhaps the slogan of the digital era. Interesting content is not enough anymore, it’s required that the digital community relates with each other and interact, creating greater recognition for companies and brands.

Engagement measures the extent to which a consumer has significant experience with a company / brand when exposed to a particular content.